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15 minutes equal to one daily newspaper

Estonia's largest daily, Postimees, has adopted the Greenline Print label with an outstanding A+ result, boasting a 73% recycled content and very low carbon emissions due to biofuel consumption at UPM's Kaipola paper mill. In fact, the carbon footprint of Postimees is so low that it is equal to 15 minutes of browsing the online version of the newspaper.  
Postimees has 430 000 readers online and 280 000 readers on paper, which means that the shared footprint for one issue of the paper is 13 gCO2 per reader, which equals to the average online reader's three and a half minute session on the website. However, the average duration of a reader's daily browsing on Postimees Online amounts to five and a half minutes per day, which generates, on average, 21 gCO2 (based on study by Finnish VTT, adjusted to Estonia's energy mix). Thus it is clear, that from a carbon footprint perspective, paper seems to have the upper hand.

Newsprint paper produced at UPM's Kaipola mill contains 73% recycled fibre and the mill is powered by 70% renewable energy, mainly their own paper and forestry waste products. Nearly two-thirds of Finnish paper waste is recycled at Kaipola, along with additional paper waste from nearby regions, including Estonia. 

You can see the full details about Postimees' footprint on their label page.

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