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European forest resources keep growing

Although the population of Europe has grown 1% over the last 20 years and production of paper and board in Europe has grown a staggering 43% during that time, forest resources have actually grown by 1% and are still growing year-on-year.

Deforestation isn't a European problem. Ecologically valuable forests have been taken under protection and the growth in forest resources has come from new plantations and well managed forests. It is untrue to say that European wood and paper products are the cause for forest loss because forest regeneration is exceeding consumption. Thus, the popular e-mail signature "save trees, don't print" has no substance. This is true for European products, and luckily, most of the region's wood and paper products are made from European forest resources. The European forest industry is well regulated and closely monitored, unlike in many other world regions. That is why it is very important to trace the origin of raw material. All European paper mills in the Greenline Print system obtain wood from Europe.

Still, most continents cannot boast with sustainable forestry. The large-scale deforestation occurring in Africa, South America and the Far East are depleting the Earth from carbon reserves and harming invaluable ecological habitats. So, be careful when purchasing non-locally made wood or paper products and try to prefer European produce.  

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