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Infographic review of Greenline Print in 2013

The first full year of calculating and labelling sustainable prints has quickly passed! This blogpost offers a brief and graphic overview of the main figures. Overall, the label had a strong year and is gaining more traction with new clients expected in 2014.
We saw a rapid increase in labelled print circulation in the first few months of last year with the addition of the largest national daily newspaper jumping in in April and many local newspapers joining in December. Swedish and Estonian readers received the most labelled prints while Lithuania came a close third and Norwegian orders launching in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Overall, 367 unique labels were issued of which the vast majority proved to be A-class prints and 10% of all labelled prints contained recycled paper. It seems that any prints below B-class were not deemed label-worthy, thus we saw only A and B-class prints over the course of the year.

As all Greenline Print labelled prints are entitled to 100% renewable electricity during production (of which a separate electricity consumption register is held), the average carbon footprint for electricity consumption at Kroonpress printing plant was zero. Our district heating provider distributed heat that was 2/3 carbon-neutral and the rainfall collection data for 2013 showed that an average of 15% of all Kroonpress water consumption was covered by rainwater collected from the roof of the plant!

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The application grades the entire life cycle greenhouse gas emissions depending on your location, paper, printing house, etc and issues a unique ecolabel.

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