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Launching an innovation

Let the journey begin! Greenline Print has been in the making for the last year and we are proud to present what's come out so far! There's still a lot to go.

Greenline Print is an easy-to-use tool and database for publishers, readers and printers for calculating and grading the life cycle carbon dioxide equivalent emissions of producing prints. The emissions are graded and a unique ecolabel is issued for publishers to show off their environmental responsibility. After all – paper products are surrounded by a lot of mistruths and myths.

The paper and printing industry has been the subject of criticism claiming that the industry is wasteful, energy-exhaustive and constantly depleting valuable forest resources. In the European market this is mostly not true. Due to severe measures and legislation, the paper industry has made immense improvements, such as tracking raw material sources, consuming wood from sustainably managed forests and shifting from fossil to renewable energy. However, the myths remain, partly due to misconceptions and lack of information.

We want consumers to be well informed about the climate change impacts of their prints, so we will keep you informed with the help of this blog.

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A graded life cycle label for publishers

The application grades the entire life cycle greenhouse gas emissions depending on your location, paper, printing house, etc and issues a unique ecolabel.

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why use it?

Increase the environmental credibility of your prints. All approved labels become live online and include in-depth data.

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