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Most Bicycle-Friendly Company in Tartu, 2015

The owner of Greenline Print brand, Kroonpress, has been awarded the Most Bicycle-Friendly Company in Tartu, 2015 award by the City of Tartu, a compliment which includes a  trophy and bicycle rack "VEE" designed by Extery. The title was earned largely due to the "Greenline Print Tähesõit" biking trips that the company organises each year to all company employees, promoting sustainable living and a healthy lifestyle.
For the 250 employees at Kroonpress, there is a weather-proof rack with 12 spaces in the front of the building and a simple bar-rack for 10 bikes in the back. When the weather is welcoming, both of these racks are stacked full.

Rain is a powerful deterrent for not coming to work on a bicycle, but luckily, theft is not, as the company territory is monitored and partially gated.
It's possible to take showers inside for those who get worked up while pedalling. Once a year, on International Car-Free Day, the cafeteria gives healthy awards to those who leave their car at home. Every employee has been given a Greenline Print cycling suit on request. From Kroonpress' point of view, all conditions for year-round cycling are met, now if only there were more safe cycling paths and less worrying about weather conditions, the city of Tartu would be a greener, healthier place.

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