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Test-driving a 691-horsepower ecomobile - the Tesla Model S P85D

To honour International Car Free Day, all our employees who commuted to work car-free, got to participate in a raffle where four lucky ones earned a seat for a Tesla Model S P85 D test-drive - the most sustainable and most desireable four-wheeled alternative to its internal-combustion-engined siblings. 
September 22nd was International Car Free Day. As always, we wanted to encourage people to show up to work without a car so they would try out more sustainable methods of transportation. Last year, we introduced them to monowheels and hoverboards, but this time we decided to showcase the electric car of their dreams to increase the odds that more people would go car-less in the hopes of winning a seat for a test-drive.

The results? 18 entrants confirmed their commute as either "by motorcycle," "on foot" or "public transport", and 4 lucky ones were drawn to enjoy the test-drive of one of the fastest and most environmentally friendly production car in the world - the Tesla Model S P85 D.

This four-wheel-drive electrical beast, boasting a whopping 691 horsepowers, with a range of 350 kilometers on a single charge, raised our hairs just by thinking about it, but after driving it around we can tell you that sustainable transportation has never had a brighter future as it does now!

We'll bring out the key points that we liked about the car:
  • The acceleration from 0-100 km/h is 3.2 seconds. Already on paper, this seems very short. In reality, it feels like engaging warp-drive on your spaceship - the pull is so strong that one can feel the digestive organs clump together along the spine.
  • Auto-pilot works impressively - it is possible to drive on highways and work on your laptop at the same time - it knows how to turn and keep a safe distance to objects and other vehicles around it. This is very time-efficient and safe (although it still needs human assistance when approaching crossroads).
  • The Tesla app includes loads of features - you can even drive the car with without actually being inside the car (albeit at a very low speed)!
  • It's so silent you could hear Philip Glass turn the page of his notes while accelerating from naught to insane. It is absolutely counter-intuitive, and very pleasurable.
However, there are some cons to this engineering marvel:
  • Price - 130 000 € is a hefty price tag for an electric sofa, but then again, driving 100 km only costs about 1 euro worth of electricity, so there should be significant savings the more you drive!
  • Motion sickness from acceleration - yes, unless you are in the drivers seat, this could be a problem. It's for a reason that Elon Musk named the driving mode "INSANE" - it really is. And you better be in the driver's seat when it is engaged! However, you can also just drive like a normal person and enjoy the scenery while your car drives on its own, not emitting any fumes, and doing it for a very low running cost. Whatever works for you!
  • Fitting three grown people in the back seat - no problem, if none of them are pro wrestlers. For the latter, we recommend having just two friends.

The choice is yours - either a bicycle or Tesla. Ideally, both! That is our verdict.

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